Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 1/12/14  

Sermon Title: So, You Want a New You in 2014?
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Verses Covered
John 14:10   (Part1) John 14:11-13    (Part1) John 14:13-14   (Part1)

     During the week before Jesus went to the cross, He taught His disciples important principles that all of us must know and
follow. Jesus, taught us that we must die to ourselves so that we can realize His promises. That means giving up all that
separates us from Him, your sins. He also shows us that in dying to ourselves we allow the Father to grow new fruit in us. He
will give us these new fruit and new skills to complete the work that He has given to us. Many of us who say that we are
Christians want to have our lives changed for Him, but we do not want to give up our pet habits, sins and faults. If this is true,
we have not died to ourselves. Let go of those pet sins and grab hold to Jesus Christ. He can make you what you want to be
in Him and more. He may or may not change your environment, but He will change you from the inside out to then glorify the
Father by taking on the character and reputation of Jesus Christ.

Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Matthew 10:30   (Part1) John 19:17-18   (Part1)  Matthew 7:11   (Part3)
Genesis   1:27  (Part1) Psalm 23   (Part2) Mark 9:28-29    (Part3)