Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 01/28/18  

Sermon Title: The Consequences of Disobedience to God
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Verses Covered
Jonah 1:1-8   (Part1) Jonah 1:6-7   (Part2) Jonah 1:7-8   (Part3)

         Last week we were introduced to Jonah, God’s prophet and Jonah’s very strange behavior. “Strange behavior,” because
what man of God purposely disobeys God’s very clear directive to go to Nineveh and present God’s truth to these sinful people,
so that they could choose to be saved from sin? Jonah’s disobedient behavior causes reactions that impact him and creation,
but also other innocent people. How many of us think about the actual consequences of our disobedient behaviors that go
against God? How many innocent people will our disobedience impact? It never pays for anyone to disobey God.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon