Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 2/02/14  

Sermon Title: Let the Spirit Direct Your Conduct
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Verses Covered
Romans 1:1-7   (Part1) Romans 1:5    (Part2) Romans 1:5-7   (Part3)

     As believers, the Apostle Paul calls us to share in the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We understand that Jesus is God, the
Son of God Who came to the earth to represent His Father. Jesus is our Savior, our Lord, He is the Source, and our Master.
This means that like His Father, He has all of the resources that we need to fulfill the assignment that He has given to us. He
is the Creator Who can create anything that we need whenever we need it. Jesus came to save us, regulate us and put each
of us in the proper position in our relationship with our Father. Jesus even brought to us the Spirit to direct our lives. Do not
get hung up in our past mistakes. Our backgrounds do not matter to God, because He only wants us to use them as our
testimonies for Him as we move forward in fulfilling His assignments for our lives. Call on Him!
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
John 3:16   (Part1) Matthew 14:13-33   (Part1)  Psalm 23:5-6    (Part2)
Joshua 2   (Part1) Luke 2:41-51    (Part1) Exodus 14:26-31   (Part2)
1 Samuel 17  (Part1) Luke 24    (Part2) Luke 23:44-47    (Part3)
  Luke 23:50-56  (Part2)