Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 2/09/14  

Sermon Title: Our Testimony of God’s Faith in Us
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Verses Covered
Romans 1:8-12   (Part1) Romans 1:9-11    (Part2) Romans 1:11-12   (Part3)

     So many Christians have the love of God in our hearts, but we do not let it out to impact others for the glory of God. Many
are intimidated by the world and are deeply influenced by the world instead of God. Thus our testimony is poor. The Apostle
Paul was chosen by God to bring the gospel message and the love of God to the whole world. Paul understood and taught that
the faith that God gives to us as believers is a mutual faith among believers to help each other grow in even greater faith; to
bring our great proclamation of Jesus Christ to the whole world; and more effectively use our spiritual gifts to fulfill God’s great
plan. Paul was a living testimony and example of this to the Christians of his time and our time. Are you that living testimony of
God’s faith working in you?
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
John 8:32   (Part1) Daniel 3    (Part2) Matthew 21:14    (Part2)
Matthew 10:29-31 (Part1) Daniel 6   (Part2) Psalm 23:4   (Part2)
Matthew 18:11  (Part2) Matthew 27:27-50  (Part2) John 1:9    (Part3)