Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 02/25/18  

Sermon Title: Going Against a Vow to the Lord
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Verses Covered
Jonah 2:5-10   (Part1) Jonah 2:9   (Part2) Jonah 2:9-10   (Part3)

         When each of us come to the Lord and accept His love and salvation, we are making a vow unto the Lord. We sacrifice
all of who we are or were in the flesh and accept all of who we are in Christ Jesus. Our vow is one of total obedience unto the
Lord. If ever we break this vow we are disobedient to God and God will do whatever He wills to bring us back to Him. From
the very depths of despair, we will hopefully repent and recommit our lives to our Lord – recommitment to our vow unto the
Lord. The prophet Jonah recounts his disciplining from God for breaking His vow unto the Lord. He then rejoices in being
restored in the Lord after being broken by God’s discipline and rediscovering his love for God and his vow unto the Lord.
To avoid making such a disastrous mistake in our relationships with God, we must always offer up to our Lord our sacrifices
of praise and thanksgiving, always acknowledging His almighty presence and power in our lives and in all of creation. Jonah’s
disobedience to an assignment given to him by God, was the breaking of his vow unto God.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Joshua 1:7-17 Psalm 100:1 John 3:16
Joshua 2:1-8 Luke 15:11-32