Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 3/09/14  

Sermon Title: Carry God’s Truth to All
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Verses Covered
Luke 19:10   (Part1) Matthew 9:32-38  (Part1) 1 Corinthians 6:9-11  (Part3)
Genesis 3:14-24   (Part1) Romans 1:24-27    (Part1) Romans 1:25   (Part3)
  Romans 1:24-25   (Part2)  

     You are loved by God, Who will do whatever He needs to do to bring you into an intimate relationship with Him. God is truly
concerned about the lost. Our Father sent His only Son to seek and to save us. We, as His children, must also be concerned
about the lost. Mankind’s sinful behavior has contaminated everything. With God’s direction through prayer we must go into the
world and share His truth with others so that they too, will come to Christ. We cannot allow the lost to taint or change God’s
truth. Even with the strong resistance and defiance from those who are lost, we must always carry God’s truth to all. There is
no alternative.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
1 Peter 3:16  (Part2) Genesis 2   (Part3) Mark 5:9-20  (Part3)
Genesis 3:16 (Part2) Romans 8:31 & 37  (Part3) John 1:9    (Part3)