Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 3/16/14  

Sermon Title: God’s Truth Always Takes Us to A Better Place
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Verses Covered
Isaiah  55:8-11   (Part1) Acts 6:5-7  (Part1) Acts 7:1-7  (Part2)
Acts 7:54-60   (Part1) Matthew 28:18-20  (Part1) Acts 7:42-45  (Part2)
  Acts 6:8-15   (Part2) Acts 7:46-53  (Part3)

     Praise God! We, who are Christians, are blessed to have lives that are praise testimonies unto the Lord before the entire
world. What are our testimonies? Through our lives and all that God does for us, the world can see how much God loves them
too. How do we know what to say to those who are lost; to those who persecute you? We must always speak God’s truth. As
children of God, we are His word and God’s word never fails. His word, His truth, even in tribulations, always takes us to a better
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Acts 9:1-19  (Part1) Luke 23:35-43   (Part1) Matthew 25:21  (Part3)
Acts 13:9 (Part1) Acts 7:8-41  (Part2) 1 John 1:9    (Part3)
  1 John 4:4    (Part3)