Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 3/23/14  

Sermon Title: What a Loving Father We Have
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Verses Covered
Romans 1:24-32   (Part1) Romans 1:28-32   (Part2) Romans 1:32  (Part3)

     God gives us so many opportunities to do what is right before Him. Over and over again, He gives us opportunity after opportunity to accept His precious Son, Jesus. He wants us to choose a right and loving relationship with Him. Unfortunately,
there are some who do not want to give up the sins that they hold onto. They actually choose that which is evil over that
which is righteous and good. As our Father sees His children making these unholy and evil choices many times He turns them
over to their reprobate minds, as they continue in their errors. But the word of God teaches us that even in this action, God
is always watching His children who are lost and will always give opportunities to learn the truth or send someone to tell the
truth so that these lost souls will one day seek Him and accept Him as their Father. What a loving Father we have; He is
always looking out for us. Can we follow His example in reaching out to the lost through His Spirit?
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Luke 11:13  (Part1) John 3:16   (Part2) Luke 16:19-31  (Part3)
Acts 7:54-60  (Part1) Matthew 18:11   (Part2) Judges 16:21-31   (Part3)
Romans 12:2   (Part1) John 15:18    (Part2) John 10:28-29   (Part3)
Genesis 1:27   (Part1) 2 Corinthians 5:8   (Part2) Revelation 21   (Part3)
Luke 23:34    (Part2) Revelation 21:4   (Part3)