Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 04/01/18  

Sermon Title: Faith Become the Center of Our Lives
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Verses Covered
Isaiah 9:6-7   (Part1) Luke 24:17-24   (Part2) Luke 24:25-49   (Part2)
Luke 24:13-51   (Part1) John 16:32-33  (Part2)  

         As we have learned, God, Our Father, will do exactly what He says He will do! When we study Isaiah 9:6-7, God tells
us that He will bless us with a Son Who is Wonderful, Counselor, mighty God, the everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace.
His Son, Our Lord will hold all his kingdom upon His shoulders and He will bring all of this with zeal and His heavenly hosts.
Now think ahead to the disciples that were called by Him, walked with Him, lived with Him and were taught by Him, and grew
in faith in His presence. Yet after the crucifixion of Jesus, His followers lost sight of His teachings and did not recognize Him,
a failure in faith. How can this be? We also sometimes lose sight of what our life experiences have been in Jesus Christ, our
walk and growth in faith. Like the disciples after the crucifixion we take our eyes off Jesus. Some of us actually think that
God has left us, when the truth is that we turn away from God. The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ is God’s
promise to each and every one of us who choose Jesus. Our response to such a great gift is making and living our faith in
Jesus the center of our lives.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
1 Corinthians 10:13 Matthew 28:20 Daniel 6
John 15 Exodus 14 John 14:2
Hebrews 11:1 Daniel 3