Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 4/27/14  

Sermon Title: God’s Love and Impartiality
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Verses Covered
Romans 2:1-11   (Part1) Romans 2:9-10   (Part2) Romans 2:10-11   (Part3)

     As we examine Romans 2:11, we find, “For there is no respect of persons with God.” How wonderful is our Father that He
does not favor any one of us over the other. He loves each of us and wants a loving personal relationship with each one of us.
This also means that He has poured His love and His gifts into each of us so that He can accomplish His perfect plan in us and
through us. He has much for us to do. God is telling us that each of us has the potential to reach any level of accomplishment
in Him. All that we have to do is come to Him, accepting His Son as our Lord and Savior. We will be able to do all things through
Him. We will have His Holy Spirit to teach us and guide us in everything. Why would anyone reject that glorious relationship with
such a gracious Father?
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Matthew 5:13-16  (Part2) Daniel 6:10-24   (Part2) Joshua    (Part3)
Matthew 7:11    (Part2) Matthew 25:21   (Part3) 1 John 1:9   (Part3)
  Daniel 3   (Part3)