Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 5/18/14  

Sermon Title: The Law vs. God’s Grace
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Verses Covered
Romans 2:17-20   (Part1) Romans 2:18-19   (Part2) Matthew 15:14   (Part2)
Acts 15:1-9   (Part1) Proverbs 26:12   (Part2) Romans 2:20   (Part3)
   Acts 15:10-11   (Part1)    Isaiah 5:21   (Part2)  

      There are those who think that they are Christians and take the responsibility to tell others what they want other
Christians to be and do. These are people who know something of the Mosaic law and require other believers to follow those
laws. What is so important to know about these people is that they choose to insist that others adhere to the laws that they
personally cannot fulfill. They know nothing of God’s perfect grace that has saved us and freed us. These people do not know
God’s truth. They know just enough to be dangerous to themselves and to others, seeking to burden and enslave others with
their foolishness. Isaiah 15:14 warns these people, Woe to those who are wise unto themselves. In choosing the law instead
of God’s grace, they are like the blind leading the blind. They will fall.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Matthew 18-11  (Part1) Matthew 28:19  (Part2) Matthew 27   (Part3)
Genesis 3:15   (Part1) Matthew 17:15-16  (Part3) 1 John 1:9  (Part3)