Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 05/28/17  

Sermon Title: Stand Against Strange and Deceitful Doctrine
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Verses Covered
Hebrews 11:7   (Part1) Genesis 7:4   (Part1) John 3:16   (Part2)
Genesis 6:6-11   (Part1) Genesis 7:4   (Part2) Genesis 6:14-16   (Part3)
Genesis 2:5-6   (Part1) Genesis 6:17-18  (Part2) Genesis 6:19-22   (Part3)

         In Hebrews 11, we are introduced to many of God’s faithful throughout the ages. They are all examples and models of
who we must be as the faithful of God today. Noah stands out as a memorial for God, because in the midst of an environment
of total evil, he choose to live a righteous life unto the Lord.
     Noah is an example of all people of faith who have decided to live for God and not for the world. Some of us are afraid
to stand up for what we know is righteous, because we do not want to draw attention to ourselves of which the world
disapproves. It takes love for God and a living faith in Him and His word to live for Him. As we examine Noah’s life and
commitment, we are reminded that the same faith that he exhibits is present in every believer. We are all required to use
our faith in God, to live for Him, to fulfill his every commandment. As God's faithful, we too will be memorials to God.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Joshua 24:15  (Part1) Genesis 3    (Part1) Joshua 24:15    (Part3)
  Isaiah 22:22   (Part3)