Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 05/29/16  

Sermon Title: A Family Committed to Each of Us
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Verses Covered
Luke 7:36-47    (Part1) John 8:1-11   (Part2) John 10:27-30   (Part3)
Luke 7:48-50   (Part2) Joshua 23:6   (Part2) Matthew 28:18-20   (Part3)
  Joshua 23:10-11   (Part3)  

        When each of us accepts Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and Lord, do we really understand what this means? Sometimes we forget what that decision really brings to the believers. This relates to a lack of our understanding about Who
God is and who we are to Him and in Him. When we talk about God, we are talking about an almighty and all powerful God
Who is always with us as He promises us. He can do anything and all things that He wants to happen in our lives, because
He loves us and He has a plan for our lives. God the Father loves us so much that He allows His Son and His Holy Spirit to
work together with Him, as a loving family, for our very best well being. The Family of God works to meet our every need
and we must celebrate every moment of every day for our membership in this glorious family of God.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Ezekiel 37   (Part1) Isaiah 22:22   (Part2)
Joshua 2   (Part1) John 3:16-7   (Part3)
Matthew 15:26-28   (Part1) Genesis 1:26-28   (Part3)