Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 6/01/14  

Sermon Title: God’s Responsibilities
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Verses Covered
Matthew 6:24-30   (Part1) Romans 2:21-22   (Part2) Psalm 50:7-12   (Part3)
   Matthew 6:31-34  (Part2)   Psalm 50:1-7   (Part2) Psalm 50:16-23   (Part3)

      Have you ever thought about God’s responsibilities to us, to all humanity? Most of the time, we speak of our responsibility
to God. However, one of the greatest things that ever happened was God’s creation of humankind. From creation and on
throughout history, God has loved all of His creation. So His first responsibility toward us is that He loves us - those who are
obedient and those who are not. For those who are not obedient, He is patient and loving enough to offer many opportunities
for us to come to know Him and love Him too. This is because He has a responsibility to save us. Isn’t this the reason that our
Father gave His only Son’s life for us? God has made promises to all of us. He does not lie. We must know that He is great,
all-powerful, faithful and loving toward each of us. He will and is fulfilling His great promises and responsibilities toward us.
So then, will we be faithful and responsible to Our Father?
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Romans 8:37   (Part1) Daniel 3:15-18    (Part2) Matthew 7:11   (Part3)
Matthew 8:26  (Part1) Psalm 50:13-15    (Part3) Luke 11:13   (Part3)
Exodus 16:4-6   (Part2) Romans 12:19    (Part3) Matthew10:30    (Part3)
  1 John 1:9   (Part3)