Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 06/07/15  

Sermon Title: God Is the Only Choice
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Verses Covered
Romans 8:18-25   (Part1) Galatians 5:22-23   (Part2) 2 Corintians 4:18   (Part3)
Galatians 5:22-23   (Part1) Romans 8:23-24   (Part2) 2 Corintians 5:7    (Part3)
1 Corintians 10:13   (Part1) Hebrews 11:1   (Part2) Hebrews 12:1   (Part3)
1 Corintians 10:13   (Part2) 2 Corintians 4:7-12   (Part3)  

            As believers in Jesus Christ, we are called to live in the Spirit so that we come to a perfect relationship with our
Father. We believe that our Father is the God of all creation and we believe that He knows everything. If all of this is true,
then why do we not submit to Him, giving Him control over our lives? Satan wants us to submit to the flesh, its sin, and the
world with its corrupt standards that will only destroy us. Let go of the flesh and the sin that corrupts all. Submit to God Who
has given to us all spiritual gifts through the Holy Spirit that will ensure our right relationship with God. God is the only choice
for us.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Matthew 18:11   (Part1) Luke 23:39-43  (Part2) 2 Corinthians 4:7-5:9   (Part3)
John 16:33    (Part1) Psalm 103:12   (Part2) Genesis 3:7   (Part3)
Matthew 28:20   (Part1) Psalm 23:5    (Part2) Daniel 3    (Part3)
Daniel 3:16-18   (Part1) 2 Corinthians 5:8  (Part2) 1 John 1:9   (Part3)
Psalm 119-105   (Part1) Matthew 5:11   (Part3)