Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 6/08/14  

Sermon Title: Stop Blaspheming Our Father!
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Verses Covered
Romans 2:22-29   (Part1) Romans 2:24-29   (Part2) Romans 2:29   (Part3)
   Revelation 2:20-23  (Part1)   Ezekiel 36:16-23   (Part2) Jeremiah 5:1-7   (Part3)
  Genesis 17:1-14   (Part2)  

      What a mess the children of God have made of His very special plan for us. There are those who say they love the Lord,
but place themselves above all others in His Church, thinking very highly of themselves. They never understand that God is no
respecter of persons. Then there are those who choose not to associate with these kinds of people or others and stay away
from His Church. There are those with all kinds of excuses for not yielding to our loving Father and His Son Jesus. Then there
are those who profess to be Christians, but participate in ungodly sinful behaviors and try to dictate the behaviors of Christians
or bring such things into the Church. The truth is that our loving Father wants all of His children in His Church, focused on Him,
and doing the work of our Lord through His Church. We have much to fix in ourselves and in the Church so that we can be
obedient to our Father and do the work of His Church. We must stop our disobedience, because our disobedience blasphemes
our Father and our Lord before the whole world. All that we are and all that we do must glorify God!
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Genesis 1:27   (Part1) Genesis 17:15-27   (Part2) Exodus 14:16-21   (Part3)
1 Samuel 15  (Part1) Luke 18:9-14   (Part3) 1 John 1:9   (Part3)
Matthew 6:13  (Part1) Jeremiah 5:8-31   (Part3)