Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 06/11/17  

Sermon Title: We Are Established in His Plan
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Verses Covered
Romans 16:23-27   (Part1) Romans 16:25-26   (Part2) Romans 16:26-27   (Part3)

         God has a plan that He continuously is fulfilling each and every day. Our loving Father includes us in this plan, because
He loves us and wants us to be His loving and obedient children and His disciples throughout the world. Like a loving Father
He reveals His perfect plan in His word and in us through His Spirit, how and when He knows is best. The God Who knows all
and controls all establishes us. This means that He provides everything that we need, how and when He wants us to use it to
His glory in fulfilling His perfect plan. He even places others around us to help us carry out His assignments. Never fail to give
thanks to God and to thank those He places in our lives to help us in carrying out His work. Do not hesitate to follow through
with your God-given assignments.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
John 19:25-29  (Part1) Matthew 17:20    (Part2)