Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 06/19/16  

Sermon Title: The Confidence of the Father
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Verses Covered
Romans 22:5-6   (Part1) Ephesians 6:4  (Part) Luke 15:21-32    (Part3)
Ephesians 3:4   (Part1) Luke 15:11-21   (Part2)  

        Most children want their parents to be involved in their lives. Children will actually seek out interaction with their parents
unless they have been taught or conditioned not to. There are positive and negative ways to be involved in our children’s lives.
Godly fathers know their families and they know that their children are gifts from God. Knowing this, the godly father must
dedicate and teach his children with godly information and tools that will allow the children to grow and handle life in God’s
way. The godly parent may also be required to reach out and to teach other children who are not related by blood. As the
father fulfills this great responsibility, he can be confident that even if the child stumbles or makes mistakes, the child will
return to those godly teachings and tools. This is the same confidence that our heavenly Father has in each of His children.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon = 1 John 1:9