Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 6/22/14  

Sermon Title: God Is Counting on Us
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Verses Covered
Romans 3:1-4   (Part1) Psalms 147:19-20   (Part2) Psalm 62:9   (Part3)
   Isaiah 1:11-15  (Part1)   Nehemiah 9:13-14   (Part2) Psalm 27:13-14   (Part3)
Romans 3:2-3   (Part2) Romans 3:4   (Part3) Psalm 23:4-6    (Part3)

      Our Father is counting on us to carry His word and our witness to all of the world. Everyone that He places in our path
and in our lives should hear His great truth and witness how it directs our lives for His glory and honor. Everything that a
believer does in the Body of Christ must celebrate God and be a witness to all. However, we often fall short of God’s
expectations for us. We get so arrogant, over confident and complacent in our assumed places in the church, that we do not
realize that we are not doing what God expects of us. We are not performing according to the Spirit that has been entrusted
to each of us? In fact we may be causing great harm. As the Body of Christ, we are expected to carry God’s truth to the world
so that they may come to know Him, to know His Son, submit to His Spirit, and have deep personal relationships with Him. To
the extent that we do not do this work, we are pushing people away from God! We fail: not understanding and knowing that
God is counting on us, the Body of Christ, to carry out His plan for salvation. Can God count on you?
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
John 8:11   (Part1) Romans 2   (Part1) Psalm 147:1-18   (Part2)
Psalm 50:10  (Part1) Exodus 12:45-50   (Part1) 1 John 1:9   (Part3)