Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 9/14/14  

Sermon Title: God’s Track Record with His Children
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Verses Covered
Romans 4:1-10   (Part1) Titus 3:3-7  (Part2) Isaiah 54:17    (Part3)
Romans 4:6-7   (Part2) Isaiah 54:13-16 (Part2) 2 Timothy  1:9   (Part3)

      Abraham’s faith led him to the one true God. Once he became convinced that there is one true God, he changed his
lifestyle and his behaviors to honor God and to fulfill his holy calling. Those people who want believers to follow the Mosaic law,
try to convince us today, as in Paul’s time, that we are not saved and righteous unless we obey every word of the law. They
do not understand that righteousness and our relationship with God do not depend on following the law. Instead our salvation
and righteousness come to us by the grace and justification of God which He gives to us through our belief and faith in Jesus
Christ. There are no works or behaviors that we can initiate to save ourselves, including the following of the law. No human is
able to keep the law on his own. Instead, our Father sent His Son, Jesus, to save us, because He is the fulfillment of all the
law. Abraham is a true example of righteousness and salvation imputed to him by God, long before the law was even given to
the Israelites. Through your faith seek the Lord and He will be found. The Lord will give unto you more faith to put to work in
your relationship with Him and to fulfill your holy calling.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
          Romans 3  (Part1) Luke 12:48   (Part2) Genesis 50:20  (Part3)
Genesis 12:1-4   (Part1) Genesis 1:26-27  (Part2) Matthew 7  (Part3)
Joshua 2   (Part1) John 16:33   (Part2) John 23:32-43   (Part3)
Joshua 6   (Part1) John 14:27   (Part2) 1 John 1:9   (Part3)
Daniel 3   (Part1) Exodus 14:3-31   (Part2)