Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 10/09/16  

Sermon Title: Get On Track, God’s Track!
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Verses Covered
 Romans 8:28-39   (Part1)  Romans 14:4   (Part2) Romans 14:5-6   (Part3)
 Romans 14:1-6    (Part2) Matthew 7:15-16  (Part2)  

      Sometimes Christians get so caught up in the world, its values and issues, that we forget who we are and Whose we
are. We get off track and do not submit to and follow God’s plan for our lives and for His kingdom. God’s plan for our lives is
not like the world’s plans. We are light and salt to this dark world. We cannot sit back anymore and let our brothers and
sisters in Christ suffer in this world. All of us in the Body of Christ are called by God and He has given to each of us
assignments. In growing in Christ and in fulfilling those assignments, we need the help and support of members in the Body
of Christ. So get on track with God!
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Romans 10   (Part2) Colosians 2   (Part2) John 16:33   (Part3)
  John 8:11   (Part2)