Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 10/18/15  

Sermon Title: God Focuses on the End-Game
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Verses Covered
Romans 9:27-33   (Part1) John 8:39-40    (Part1) Isaiah 8:14-15   (Part3)
Genesis 22:17   (Part1) Romans 9:28-31   (Part2) Psalm 18:2   (Part3)
John 8:31-33   (Part1) Romans 9:32-33    (Part3) Psalm 27:5  (Part3)

      God has always had one purpose concerning His children. He has always loved us, wanted all to accept His Son, Jesus,
and He wants all of us to be with Him. However, not all of us have chosen to be His children. Some of us do not know His
end-game and so His children must share that truth with all through our faith and testimonies. Others choose not to know God
by faith nor to grow in Him. Others of us will not know and accept God’s end-game, because they are only interested in the
trappings and traditions that they think makes them look holy. These people are not holy and they are not God’s children of
faith. While God wants us to serve Him in faith, others serve the flesh. Only those who are children of faith will be part of
God’s end-game, to live with Him eternally.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Luke 23:32-43  (Part1) John 12:12-18  (Part2) Numbers 22:28  (Part3)
Genesis 18:22-33  (Part2) Matthew 12:1-14  (Part2) Exodus 3:1-15   (Part3)
Genesis 19:1-29   (Part2) Matthew 28:20  (Part2) 1 John 1:9   (Part2)
Matthew 21:1-11  (Part2) John 3:16   (Part3)