Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 10/26/14  

Sermon Title: Seeing God Work
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Verses Covered
Romans 4:21-25   (Part1) Psalms 27:1-3   (Part1) Matthew 14:30-33   (Part3)
Romans 5:1-5   (Part1) Romans 5:2-5  (Part2) Psalm 27:1-14   (Part3)
  Matthew 14:22-29  (Part2)  

     When believers live the faith that God has given to us, we also see God at work everywhere. Jesus died and rose again for
us to have an intimate relationship with God for eternity. We must be fully persuaded that we are each deemed right, divinely
right, by God. Therefore nothing can stop us in having this eternal intimate relationship with God. In this relationship, He gives
us more faith as we walk and grow in Him. So why do some believers lose their focus and allow things not of God to interfere
with their lives and their walk in the Lord. We should get excited when trials and tribulations come at us, because He always
has the solution. We have peace in the Lord because He is always working on our behalf. Peace is having a harmonious
relationship with God. So why lose your confidence in God in times of trials? He is always working for you, because He has an
eternal plan for you. See God working all around you.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
John 16:33   (Part1) Luke 23:43  (Part2) Matthew 14:13-21   (Part3)
Matthew 28:20   (Part2) John 14:2    (Part2) 1 John 1:9    (Part3)