Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 11/12/17  

Sermon Title: Gideon, A True Veteran
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Verses Covered
Judges 6:1-14   (Part1) Judges 7:7-14   (Part3)
Judges 6:15-35    (Part1) Judges 8:33-35     (Part3)
Judges 6:36-40   (Part3)  

        The book of Judges introduces us to Gideon. Gideon, a man among the Israelites, who had been punished by God for
their disobedience and evil, was hiding in a cave. The people, while being punished by God were also attacked and persecuted
by all of their neighbors. God directly tells Gideon that he has been chosen by God to save his people. We see Gideon’s angry
 reaction to God, then questioning God about his ability to fulfill God’s expectation and God’s plan for his life. Eventually, he
 submits to God and His plan, conquering his and God’s enemies. God never leaves Gideon. Like Gideon, many of us are called
by God to do courageous things in the face of great challenges. Can we overcome our fears and doubts to be all that God
asks us to be and to do? Can we follow Gideon’s example knowing that God never leaves us and will fight for and with us?
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Judges chap 6-8  (Part1) Matthew 28:28-20   (Part2) Exodus 6:28   (Part3)
Romans 8:28-31   (Part1) Exodus 4:10   (Part3) Exodus 7:7   (Part3)