Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 11/13/16  

Sermon Title: Love God and Love His Body
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Verses Covered
 Romans 14:20-23   (Part1)  Romans 14:20-21   (Part1) Romans 14:22-23   (Part3)

       Why do we get so concerned about things that get in the way of our relationship with God? Some of us have the beliefs
that there are things that make us better Christians: the things that we eat, the special places that we go, the people that
we interact with in society. Some of us allow such things to create division between brother and sisters in the body of Christ
and ourselves. Such divisions are not of God. So do not get caught up in earthly preferences that you think make you special
in comparison to other believers. Do not put other people down for their preferences that are different than yours. Look past
your personal hang-ups and the hang-ups of others in order to serve our God and to serve each other. Our God is not a God
concerned about what we eat nor any of our other material preferences. Everything that He creates is good. What He wants
most from each of us is to love Him and to love our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Acts 2:1-13   (Part1) Acts 16:25   (Part2) 2 Corthians  5:8 (Part3)