Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 11/15/15  

Sermon Title: Do Your Job!
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Verses Covered
Romans 10:6-9    (Part1) Romans 10:7-8    (Part2) Romans 10:9   (Part2)

        God has a plan that He is fulfilling every day. God also has assignments for all of His children. Every day and every
moment of the day we should be submitted to Him so that we can fulfill those assignments. The problem is that many of us are
not focused on our Father’s plan, but we are focused on ourselves and what we want to do. In fact, some of us get concerned
about things over which only God has power over. Believers mind your own business and fulfill all of the assignments that God
gave to you! Do your job!

Verses Referenced during the Sermon
John 3:16  (Part1) Matthew 5:37  (Part2) Psalm 139  (Part3)
Luke 23:39-43   (Part1) Matthew 26:36-46    (Part2) Psalms 50  (Part3)
2 Peter 3:9   (Part1) Matthew 28:20  (Part2) Psalm 23:5   (Part3)
John 14:26   (Part1) Exodus 16:35   (Part2) Acts 2   (Part3)
Daniel 3:28-30   (Part2) Exodus 17:1-7   (Part2) 1 John 1:9   (Part3)