Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 11/20/16  

Sermon Title: Why Give Thanks This Thanksgiving Day?
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Verses Covered
Nehemiah 12:27   (Part1)  Psalm 30:1-4   (Part2) Daniel 2:18-35   (Part3)
Nehemiah 6:15-19   (Part1) Psalm 107:1-9   (Part2) Psalm 75:1   (Part3)
Nehemiah 12:31   (Part1) Daniel 2:20-23   (Part2)  

       As many of us prepare for Thanksgiving Day, we as children of God, have so much for which to be thankful. Unlike
many who do not know God, we know what God has done for us, every minute of everyday. Our God is Creator of all things;
Give thanks to Him! Our God is holy, righteous, merciful and gracious, Give thanks to God! Our God is very present to His
children always, Give thanks to Him! The Lord has forgiven each of us from our sins, rescued us from death and hell, and
given to us glorious eternal life as we submit to Him. Praise God and thank Him forever, because God is so good!
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Isaiah 22:22   (Part1) Psalm 100   (Part2) Daniel 3  (Part3)
Revelations 3:8   (Part1) Hosea 13:6   (Part2) Daniel 2  (Part3)
  John 14:27   (Part2)