Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 11/22/15  

Sermon Title: Thanksgiving Day Every Day
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Verses Covered
1 Corinthians 11:23-34    (Part1) Psalm 50:14    (Part2) Nehemiah 12:40   (Part3)
1 Corinthians 11:24-25   (Part2) Psalm 50:14   (Part3) Psalm 9:1-4   (Part3)
Psalm 9:1-4   (Part2) Nehemiah 12:31   (Part3)  

        In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day every year to commemorate the settling of the nation by the first
pilgrim settlers. It commemorates their struggles, sufferings and triumphs as they settled in their new homeland with the help
of the indigenous Native Americans. Most of all we acknowledge God’s power, plans, and victories in their lives and in our own
lives, every moment of every day. All Christians everywhere should lift our hearts, our voices, our praise to Almighty God Who
rewards our faith in Him, with lives that glorify Him and He blesses us eternally. Thanksgiving unto God is more than a one day
event, it must be every moment of every day for faithful believers in Christ!
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Exodus 12  (Part1) John 14:27   (Part1) Revelation 21:4 (Part3)
Mark 10:34   (Part1) Genesis 12:1   (Part2) Jeremiah 29:11  (Part3)
Matthew 28:20   (Part1) Acts chap. 8   (Part2)  Daniel 3:13-30   (Part3)
  Acts 9:1-30   (Part2)