Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 12/10/17  

Sermon Title: Wonderful Counselor and Mighty God
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Verses Covered
Isaiah 9:6   (Part1) Isaiah 40:1-2   (Part1) Isaiah 40:11-13   (Part3)
Matthew 2:1-6   (Part1) Isaiah 40:3-10  (Part2) Matthew 2:7-12   (Part3)

       Before His birth, Jesus is proclaimed to be “Wonderful Counselor” and “the Mighty God”. This is the One, the Child, Who
Our Father God has blessed us with and Who is continuously with us who believe in Him. Imagine that God the Father blesses
us with Himself as the child, Jesus Christ. A Child Who wants to be nurtured by us and He then nurtures and blesses us
forever as He does wonderful things, amazing things, in our lives. He counsels us through every situation in this life as we
move through this challenging world. He is truly Mighty God!
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Psalm 23   (Part2) Isaiah 9:7   (Part2)