Freedoms Gate Ministries  
  Sermon Date 12/25/16  

Sermon Title: The Testimony of Every Christmas
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Verses Covered
Micah 5:2   (Part1) Luke 2:1-11   (Part1) Psalm 23:1-6   (Part3)
Matthew 1:18-25  (Part1) Luke 2:11-20   (Part2) Psalm 27:1   (Part3)
  Matthew 2:1-8  (Part2)  

        God’s word always confirms itself, from the Old Testament to the New Testament. On this glorious day, in which we
celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we are reminded that His birth, all that surrounded it, and all that it means
was foretold by God and recorded as His faithful testimony to us. We read about all of the events that are told about His birth,
the early years of His life, and His ministry on this earth. We meditate on these things. All are evidence that God, our Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit have a glorious plan for us from Creation. Christmas reminds us of His unfailing plan and how
faithful He is in keeping the plan and keeping us in His plan.
Verses Referenced during the Sermon
Genesis 3:15  (Part1) Isaiah 53:6   (Part2) John 15:19  (Part3)
Luke 3   (Part1) John 16:33   (Part3) John 17:16   (Part3)