Food for the Soul

      Let the word of God feed you daily. Below are past services for those who could not join us in person.

Service Date Subject
11/09/08 Will You Give Up Your Freedom?
11/02/08 Be of Good Courage
10/26/08 The Call to Examine Yourself
10/19/08 Restoring Our Fallen Brothers and Sisters
10/12/08 Walk in the Holy Spirit, Not in the Flesh
10/05/08 Beware of False Prophets and False Teachers
09/28/08 Being Led by the Holy Spirit
09/21/08 Stand Firm in your Freedom
09/14/08 Rejoice in Faith & Freedom
09/07/08 Patience and God’s Promise
08/31/08 Trust the Truth
08/24/08 Defy the Chains; Choose Christ!
08/17/08 We Are No More Servants, but His Heirs
08/10/08 Running Your Race in Life or Death
08/03/08 God's Promise to His Faithful
07/27/08 No Longer Condemned to Death
07/20/08 Growing Up in your Faith
07/13/08 Faith Counted As Righteousness
07/06/08 Are We Like the Foolish Galatians?
06/29/08 Justification Comes by Christ and Not by the Law
06/22/08 Are We Truly Acting Like Children of God?
06/15/08 A Father's Day Message
06/08/08 Bondage Is Not for God’s People
06/01/08 Choose to Stay Free in Christ
05/25/08 Christian Memorial Observance
05/18/08 Tradition vs. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
05/11/08 Mothers: The Good, The Bad, The Godly
05/04/08 Always Be On Guard!
04/27/08 Beware of False Gospels
04/20/08 God’s Tough Love, Grace, and Peace for Us
04/13/08 Are You Fully Available to God?
04/06/08 My God, My God!
03/30/08 Peace Be Unto You!
03/23/08 The Way is Cleared for Us Now!
03/16/08 Are we Temples of God or Dens of Thieves?
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